Web Presence

Service clubs everywhere are serving a great cause — whether for leisure or for humanitarian reasons. The hard work and dedication of their members have contributed to the great success of service clubs all over the world.

Personal Web site

With LionsBase, you offer each and every Lions Club of your Multi-District a powerful dedicated Web site. The Web sites are automatically preconfigured with a common page structure showing a listing of future events, recent social activities and the committee.

Your privacy is very important and LionsBase makes it effortless to show private details only to authorized groups of persons such as only your club members or your committee.

Calendar of Events & Club Projects

LionsBase gives clubs and multi-districts a streamlined and centralized view of the club's life. The information can be prepared and published at any level (club, zone, region, district and multi-district) and is automatically aggregated and made available where it belongs. The web site of a district shows every social activities or events of its clubs. The web site of the multi-district combines the various committees and put on view the responsible of each department within the organization.

The timeline of your club's life

Photo Gallery

Showcase your club's activities by posting photos of recent projects and events.

LionsBase lets you upload your photos right from your cameras to your website without any preprocessing such as resizing or cropping needed.

Staying in Touch

LionsBase maintain a centralized, up-to-date list of groups of members (like the club, district and multi-district committees) and their emails. When the committee changes, the system will automatically redirect communication to the new people. LionsBase offers plenty of built-in services:

  • Member Directory
  • Group email
  • Newsletter
  • E-vites
  • ...

Common Branding

Whereas the Lions Clubs of your Multi-District should be relatively free to easily publish information, blog about their latest social activities and effectively advertise their calendar events, a Multi-District needs to ensure a good user experience by branding all Lions Clubs Web sites.

LionsBase makes it easy to achieve both goals and gives freedom to Webmasters to easily publish contents while keeping the same general layout such as headers, footers and navigation menus and maintaining an ubiquitous look and feel.

When using LionsBase, you ensure that the information that matters will flow from clubs up to the multi-district or from your multi-district down to every single member of your Lions Clubs organization.