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Preparing a Mailing

LionsBase makes it easy to prepare a mailing based on a MS Word (.docx) document.

The general workflow is depicted below.

Preparation Step 1

Prepare a MS Word document with some placeholders to be replaced dynamically. This could be the name of the member, her club name, etc. A placeholder is similar to a custom field you insert in your document but is nothing else than some text of the form ${some-placeholder} (see Standard Placeholders for a list of standard placeholders to be used).

Example of such a document:


Preparation Step 2

Use the wizard (access may be restricted) and follow the simple steps:



The dropdown list of „distribution lists“ shows you the same lists you may configure when preparing newsletters. Please read Vorbereitung einer Verteilerliste for more information.

In addition, please note that your District LionsBase Master is responsible for granting you access to a list of distribution when using this mailing wizard.

Standard Placeholders

The following list is not exhaustive (since you may actually access the whole domain model) but should be sufficient for most use cases:

Placeholder Example
${name} Franz Hans Muster
${email} franz.muster@example.com
${member.firstName} Franz
${member.middleName} Hans
${member.lastName} Muster
${member.title} Dipl.-Ing.
${member.titleSuffix} MBA
${member.fullNameWithTitle} Dipl.-Ing. Franz Hans Muster, MBA
${member.lciId} 123456
${member.privateAddress} Hauptstrasse 115
${member.privatePostalCode} 1174
${member.privateCity} Montherod
${member.privateAddressFull} full private address with line breaks
${member.businessAddressFull} full business address with line breaks
${club.name} Zürich-Airport
${club.fullName} LC Zürich-Airport
${club.lciId} 98484
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