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Managing Social Activity Information

The social activities of your club are stored as records in your club storage folder.

General information

This form lets you manage general social activity’s related information. Please note that some fields may be unavailable for you, according to the access rights you were granted.

General information of the social activity

Additional Information

This second tab lets you store additional information related to which association benefited from your social activity and the amounts and number of hours worked that will be used to show a summary (for authenticated members in the intranet) of your various activities over the Lions year:

Additional information of the social activity

Beware: The amounts and hours worked on this tab will NOT be synchronized with Oak Brook.

Lions Clubs International

Since 2012, the eMMR Web Service from Oak Brook, USA, should be used to synchronize social activity reports as well. This tab shows additional information Oak Brook would like to know about your social activity:

Lions Clubs International information of the social activity

Please read chapter Lions Clubs International Categories for the list of categories, function areas and subcategories of a social activity.

These parameters are used to show/hide the type of details available as activity lines:

Details of a social activity line (Funds Donated)


The available fields (regardless of which subcategory has been selected) are:

  • Funds donated
  • Funds raised
  • Items donated
  • Number of eyeglasses collected
  • Number of hearing aids collected
  • Number of Lion hours
  • Number of people served
  • Number of trees planted
  • Total participants
  • Twinning relationship

As said, the actual set of fields available will depend on the selected subcategory.

Action Campaign

The field Action Campaign is used to map your social activity with a world-wide Lions Clubs campaign:

  • Engaging our Youth
  • Protecting our Planet
  • Relieving the Hunger
  • Sharing the Vision
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