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Overview of LionsBase

This chapter gives an overview of what does LionsBase provide.

Key Features

users Multi-User Editing
LionsBase allows multiple users to edit web pages and manage their Lions information.
documents Securely Share Documents
Documents such as meeting PVs can easily be shared on your website and made accessible to your club members only.
events Events and Social Activities
Whether you are in your town or abroad, you won’t miss events of the nearest Lions club and will see at a glance all past and present social activities.
synchronization Synchronization with Oak Brook
Changes in club and member information, membership in the committee and social activities are automatically synchronized with Oak Brook in US as required by the Lions Clubs International.
newsletters Newsletters
Do you still need many hours to prepare and send information to your members? With LionsBase, you won’t anymore and have more time for your communities instead.
multilingual Multilingual Environment
LionsBase is multilingual. Choose the languages you want to have for the websites in your multi-district and choose the language that you prefer for editing content and managing Lions Club information.
mobile website Mobile Web Application
You are on the go and miss an address or need to announce if you will attend your next Lions meeting? Take advantage of the streamlined version of LionsBase right on your mobile phone.

Multi-User Editing

LionsBase is fully integrated with the enterprise-class, CMS (Content Management System) TYPO3.

TYPO3 is a user-friendly, intuitive tool for producing and maintaining web pages with just a few clicks of the mouse. Authors benefit from the full-featured rich-text editor that offers all of the formatting options they would need in a WYSIWIG (What You See is What You Get) tool with a familiar word processor-like interface. Seamless integration of multimedia content and dynamic image manipulation are available to right out of the box in TYPO3.

LionsBase, in combination with TYPO3 built-in mechanisms, allows you to precisely grant rights to access the various parts of the application to the Lions members. These “editors” are referred to as “Webmaster” and “LionsBase Master” in this documentation.

Securely Share Documents

Websites reference assets like PDFs, DOCs or JPGs by a URL of the form https://your-domain.tld/path/to/document.doc. This means that the file itself is delivered directly by the web server, and is therefore not part of the web application access control scheme. In short, files remain unprotected since URLs can be re-used, emailed, Google-included or even guessed.

LionsBase installs provide TYPO3 with additional modules to automatically and transparently change this behavior by forcing documents to be accessed by a central document proxy taking the TYPO3 and LionsBase access control scheme into account.

Following file types are automatically protected: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .txt, .rtf, .zip.

Events and Social Activities

In LionsBase, each club, zone, region and district as well as the multi-district itself owns a calendar to organize their schedule and easily keep track of their important events all in one place. A subscription option is provided as well, allowing attendance lists to be prepared and exported if needed.

Social activities are an integral part of a Lions Club’s life. These social activities may easily be recorded in LionsBase and publicly shared, making the management of the website’s content a breeze by automatically providing fresh and updated content. Additional information such as funds and treasury associated to the social activities may simply be summarized and shown to authenticated members.

Multilingual Environment

Thanks to the CMS (Content Management System) TYPO3, the management website is translated in more than 50 languages whereas LionsBase itself is currently available in English, German, French and Italian. New languages may easily be added using our translation infrastructure.

Mobile Application

LionsBase Mobile is an application that can be used on modern smartphones and tablets such as an iPhone, an iPad or an Android phone or tablet. After a proper authentication process, the user is granted access to some of the LionsBase information, namely:

  • The member directory, with a simple search engine and a summary of useful information such as the photo, the various phone numbers, the email addresses and the physical address. All fields are clickable, allowing the person to be contacted with a finger tip.
  • The upcoming events for the member with an easy way to update the attending information (“I am attending the event” / “Sorry, I cannot attend this time”).
  • List of clubs in the member’s multi-district, with the listing of members and a map of the club’s location.
  • And much, much more!

More more information and a complete user manual, please head to the LionsBase Mobile chapter.

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