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Version 6.0.0

Release Date

April, 16th 2019


Android 5 (Lollipop), Android 6 (Marshmallow), Android 7 and 7.1 (Nougat), Android 8 and 8.1 (Oreo)

This release is packed with many new features!

What’s New


We worked hard to streamline and enhance the user experience (UX) with events:

  • it is now easier and more natural to deal with events whose registration is managed with an external registration form;

  • the list of participants has been redesigned. Filters for persons present/absent/unknown is now accessible from the bottom of the screen, where your thumb can easily reach it. You may filter out the list of participants with the filter zone on top. Last but not least, it is now possible to group participants by club (small dotted and rounded icon bottom right) and the number of corresponding participants is shown together with the name of the club:

    Redesigned list of participants with the possibility to group them by club


    Guests are associated to the club of the member who invited them.

QR-Code Scanner

The QR-code scanner will show a feedback on yellow/orange background (instead of green) when reviewing participants of events tagged as National Convention and if the participant is to be considered a “Delegate” (thus possibly receiving some voting material). Naturally a feedback text will tell you in addition of the coloured background that the member is a delegate:

Possible feedback of the QR-code scanner: Valid ticket, Invalid ticket, Valid ticket associated to a delegate


In addition to showing your personal QR-code (available since version 4.0), it is now possible for you to download your personal ticket:

Download your own ticket

This is particularly useful if you have a wifi-enabled (or alike) printer next to you and you forgot to download it from your computer.


Reviewers of the events may do so for any participant.

Management of Participants

As you know, since version 4.3, you may easily change the attending status of a participant and show their answer to any additional question. In version 4.4, we added an option to easily invite additional members or external guests and reviewers could quickly update the full registration of external guests, using a direct link to the guest registration form. However, the same did not hold for Lions and LEO members; the reviewer had no easy way to answer additional questions on behalf of a participant, neither in the mobile app or on the website.

Guess what? This is finally possible! As a reviewer, when you show answers of a given participant, an edit link lets you toggle the edit mode and answer on behalf of the participant:

Edit link to answer on behalf of the participant


The simple registration comment may similarly be updated as well if you are a reviewer.


The automatic news article pointing to these release notes (introduced in version 5.2) is now taking your preferred language (= language of your mobile device) into account.

Other Changes

In addition, a few bugs have been squashed and minor enhancements integrated:

  • the birthday at the beginning of the profile, when in birthday period, was strangely formatted in some languages (e.g., as “18.Mars” in French or “18.März.” in German). This is now fixed;

  • English dates in the lists of upcoming events have been prettified and now use an ordinal day (1st, 2nd, …);

  • the Lions function code is shown in the various lists of members;

  • support for history of search results persisted before version 5.2 of the app has been dropped (version 5.2 is when we introduced a way to exchange information across borders and thus switched internally from a simple member identifier to an extended one, taking the multiple district into account);

  • sometimes the “RSVP” zone in the detail of an event was shown although no registration was enabled; this is now fixed.

  • background image for clubs and members is now cached for (very slightly) quicker display and optimised bandwidth.

  • link to review attendance using the QR-code scanner was visible whenever the user was marked as reviewer of a particular event. This made no sense if the corresponding event was not featuring “tickets”. This is now taken into account;

  • sometimes past events or upcoming events but far in the future would be shown as events to happen “soon” in the dashboard. This was due to a incorrect test on the date of registration and has been fixed;

  • on some devices, the name of the author of a news, in dashboard, was partly truncated; this should be fixed now;

  • various internal libraries have been upgraded.


Using iOS? Please see corresponding release notes.

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