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Version 7.1.0

Release Date

March, 31st 2020


Android 5 (Lollipop), Android 6 (Marshmallow), Android 7 and 7.1 (Nougat), Android 8 and 8.1 (Oreo), Android 9.0 (Pie), Android 10.0

This release brings a few cool new features:

  • you now get a nice-looking URL and meaningful document name when you download a club document;

  • the LION magazines from a few neighbor countries of yours are now available for reading;

  • a complete user manual is now available.

What’s New

Android users get more enhancements than their iOS friends:

  1. We have figured out that the Digimag is now compatible with an in-app display. This means that you can now read it without leaving the LionsBase mobile application.

  2. We have found a trick, without relying on any 3rd-party library, to let you preview PDF document right within the app. This makes it much more handy to read club documents.


    Android is still very limited in that regard and this only works for PDF files and unfortunately not for other common files like MS Word and MS Excel where you should install some application from Google Play.

Apart from those great news, the other changes are the same than for iOS, namely that any external content you show in the application (Digimag, ticket, club document) may now be opened in an external browser. This allows you to do whatever you want afterwards, like downloading the file, sharing or sending it to other devices or friends.


The list of former conventions (accessible from Multi District > Conventions) has been extended in order to allow the council chairperson to be referenced even if the member has never been registered in LionsBase. In addition, his/her club is now displayed:

List of former conventions


We thought that you should have an easy access to the LION magazines in a few countries around you. So after showing your multiple district’s LION magazine from the application menu, use the cog icon in the toolbar to choose another country:

Choosing another country for the LION magazine

This opens a popup with a few other magazines. Please note that the list and order may vary based on your country and your preferred language:

Choosing another country for the LION magazine

User Manual

For a very long time we thought that the LionsBase mobile application should be so easy to use that writing a user manual was not necessary. However over time we have added so many new features and sometimes slightly hidden gems that it turned out that even skilled users were not always knowing every trick.

We will continue describing new features in those release notes so that you may easily learn what’s new in a given version of the mobile application but if you ever want to ensure you know absolutely everything that should be known, please head to the Complete User Manual.

Other Changes

In addition, a few bugs have been squashed and minor enhancements integrated:

  • link to the documentation in Settings > About now points to the Complete User Manual;

  • various internal libraries have been upgraded.


Using iOS? Please see corresponding release notes.

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