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Version 7.3.0

Release Date

July, 15th 2020


iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14 (beta), iPadOS 13, iPadOS 14 (beta)

The new Lions Year is starting strong! We are bringing editing capability to your own profile and some polishing to the user interface.

What’s New

When you visit your own profile and scroll to the end of the page, a button is now available to let you edit (some) of your personal profile data:

Button to edit your personal profile

Tap it and your profile page will slightly change to show you many of your personal profile data. Just tap one of the information to edit it:

Editable profile page

When you are done, tap the Close button (top right) to go back to your non-editable profile page.

Editable Properties

Following personal properties may be edited:

  • General

    • Main email address

    • Academic title

    • Academic title (suffix)

  • Office

    • Name of the company

    • Title

    • Function

    • Phone number

    • Mobile phone number

    • Email address

    • Postal address

    • Website

  • Private

    • Phone number

    • Mobile phone number

    • Email address

    • Postal address

    • Website

    • Partner’s first name

    • Partner’s last name

    • Partner’s email address

    • Partner’s birthday (year may be omitted)

The change of an email address is subject to additional quality check. In fact, in order to change an email address, the system will ensure the new email address is yours by sending you a verification code. Once you get the message, you may go back to the dashboard in the mobile application and you will be presented with pending operations:

Your inbox with pending operations

Tap a pending operation and confirm the change by providing the verification code you received:

Enter the verification code to confirm the change of an email address


A few members asked for a way to update their photo. We thought and discussed it. It turns out that the council of governors is not yet ready to let you change your photo. In fact, the photo is used at various places and we do our best to ensure its quality is sufficient, e.g., for printing purpose in the LION magazine.

And unfortunately, we know as well by experience (!) that a few members would abuse the system and put a Lions logo, a lovely cat or other cute animals instead of their photo. So all in all, you still have to send your better photo to your CLBM and thus let us ensure the best possible data quality in LionsBase! Thanks for your understanding.


In order for members to be able to edit their profile, their CLBM should first enable that feature by editing the club record and ticking the corresponding checkbox:


Other Changes

In addition, a few bugs have been squashed and minor enhancements integrated:

  • the loading indicator is now better accessible for the visually impaired;

  • the photo of a member is now removed from the so-called “accessibility tree”, which means that the visually impaired will not get the focus on this UI element (as it is totally useless in that context);

  • two editing screen, namely the one to update social networks and the one used to edit an event question’s answer have been streamlined to offer an enhanced user experience (UX) with Cancel and Save buttons in the top area, similarly to many other applications;

  • the event’s organizer is now directly visible in the list of upcoming events;

  • various internal libraries have been upgraded.


Using Android? Please see corresponding release notes.

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