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Version 8.3.0

Release Date

July, 6th 2021


iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15 (beta), iPadOS 13, iPadOS 14, iPadOS 15 (beta)

We strive to let you forget about the printed directory of members. Why? Because cutting down so many trees for an information which is out-of-date even before it is printed is a total non sense in our opinion.

To do so, this version now lets you access the motto of your president, governor and council chairperson.

What’s New



LionsBase is now capable of keeping track of mottos as you see for the district cabinet of District 102 West:

Motto for the District Cabinet

Naturally, you can get the “history of mottos” by taking advantage of the feature introduced in version 8.0.0, namely getting the history of a given function:

Motto for the list of former District Governors


As a CLBM, the motto can be stored by editing the corresponding member’s function.

Following functions can hold a motto:

  • Club President;

  • District Governor (and president of the LEO branch);

  • Council Chairperson.


In order to let you see the history of mottos for Council Chairpersons, we had to change part of the business logic introduced in Version 8.0.0, namely that you will not be redirected to the list of former National Conventions when trying to show the list of former Council Chairpersons.


The accessibility for the list of members has been improved. Instead of focusing individually on each line of information, VoiceOver will now read the block of information related to the member as a whole.

LionsBase mobile is known to be working for visually impaired persons


Some webmasters told us they would like to embed links into the description of an event; e.g., to add a link to an external website.

As you know, the event’s description is sanitized when accessed from the mobile application. This ensures a better User Experience (UX) by removing any fancy formatting, colors and alike.

Embedding links into the description is however totally reasonable and after thinking about it, we found a good approach. Here is a sample event as seen on a club website:

Event with links in the description

and here is how they will now be displayed in the mobile application:

Event with links extracted from the description

As you can imagine, by extracting the links from the description, we keep it “clean” and make accessing a link very straightforward and at the same time much more accessible for the visually impaired than if we would have kept them in middle of the description.

Social Activities

Another discrete enhancement is visible in the list of club’s social activities. In fact, the application now shows the name of the corresponding president:

Name of the president for a given Lions Year

Other Changes

In addition, a few bugs have been squashed and minor enhancements integrated:

  • the section “Partner” for a member is now more gender-agnostic in German;

  • we now ensure that the list of awards years (at the top of the Profile Page of a Member) is only showing “distinct years” (e.g., whenever a member received more than one MJF during a Lions Year);

  • support for the “Lion of the year” award is enhanced;

  • for a few clubs, the last sponsor/twinning club was partially hidden, this should now be prevented;

  • a better caching strategy has been implemented for the various committees and the list of former national conventions; all in all, those pages should be quicker to display (particularly outside of period of frequent changes like from June to beginning of July);

  • various internal libraries have been upgraded.


Using Android? Please see corresponding release notes.

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