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Version 4.3.0

Release Date

June, 26th 2018


iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12 (beta)

This version provides major enhancements to the events:

  • You may now show graphs summarising the answers to the questions

  • Individual answers for a given member may be fetched

  • Reviewers may now update the status of a participant (attending/not attending)

What’s New

Graphs of Answers

From the list of participants, you may now easily see how many persons chose which option (radio/checkbox questions) or the total of any numeric question (e.g., “number of guests”):



  • In green, number of positive answers

  • In red, number of negative answers

  • In yellow, number of persons who did not explicitly answer the question

Don’t know how to prepare questions for your events? Please read chapter Registration and try to stick to checkboxes (“on”/”off”), radio buttons (choosing one option among multiple ones) and numeric text fields since open questions such as free text may obviously not be exported as graphs.

If you happen to have many questions, the well-known gesture pinch-to-zoom on the graphs will let you focus on a given question.


  • When attending an event with additional questions, you are now notified that you should not forget to answer those questions.

  • The reviewers of an event may now change the status of a participant (whether she is attending or not). Until the beginning of the event (and even after the registration period is officially over), the update is considered as if the member changed her mind. After the event has started, this is considered an actual review of the participation. To do so, reviewer should long press (press and hold) a member’s name in the list and use the popup menu to update the participation:

  • Similarly, a long press on a member item now lets you show their answers to the additional questions.


A spinner icon is now visible in the dashboard when fetching data. This has the benefit to be more consistent with the rest of the application and show you that the application is currently waiting for data.

Breaking Changes

  • As a consequence of the notification to think about answering the additional questions, it is not possible anymore to accept/dismiss an invitation directly from the list of upcoming events, by swiping the event to the left. You are thus required to show the event’s detail page instead.

  • It is not possible anymore to swipe a person to the left to call her/him directly. Rationale is that swipe gesture will be streamlined and reused for more meaningful operations, likely limited to dealing with some state of the item like removing an item from the list (history of previous searches). It is just as easy and quick to show the member’s detail page and choose a contact action from there.


Using Android? Please see corresponding release notes.

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