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Version 7.3.2

Release Date

August, 23rd 2020


iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14 (beta), iPadOS 13, iPadOS 14 (beta)

This release fixes some minor issues we have discovered and (for Austrian Lions and LEO members) implements some change in the presentation of a member’s profile.

What’s New

The council of governors of Multiple District 114 - Austria has requested that the computed age of a member in his/her profile should not be visible anymore:

Do not show the age of a member

As such, this release implements that requirement and will now hide the computed age if you are an Austrian Lions or LEO member.


To make it clear, this has not been changed for users in Switzerland/Liechtenstein.

Other Changes

In addition, a few bugs have been squashed and minor enhancements integrated:

  • when answering a radio-based question with a long option, the text would get truncated; this is now fixed by wrapping the text of longer options on multiple lines;

  • whenever you tried to give a comment to an event without having first answered the invitation (thus being in the “not yet answered” list of possible participants), the comment you entered would vanish after saving, which is logical since you cannot give a comment without firstly telling whether you will attend or not but it could be confusing at first so we now prevent you from typing a comment as long as you did not answer the invitation;

  • we were asked by Multiple District 102 - Switzerland/Liechtenstein to support a flag “special guest” in addition to VIP. Since those VIP persons are marked with a medal symbol in the various lists of participants, “special guests” are highlighted the same way;

  • various internal libraries have been upgraded.


Using Android? Please see corresponding release notes.

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