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Version 8.4.0

Release Date:July, 27th 2021
Compatibility:iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15 (beta), iPadOS 13, iPadOS 14, iPadOS 15 (beta)

New editing capabilities to LionsBase! Apart from some ongoing usual bug fixes and polishing, events may now be created from within the mobile app; club administrators will be breezing along through their Lions Club life.

What’s New


The CLBM may now create events from within the mobile application.

To do so, open your personal calendar and use the circled “+” icon in the toolbar:

Toolbar icon to create a new event

This will show you a modal window where the most useful options are presented:

Dialog to create a new event

We chose the most commonly used and important options when creating an event from the mobile app. The goal is to let you quickly add events to your club calendar while discussing the program during a meeting [1].

The various date and time fields are for instance synchronized so that the duration will stay the same if you change the start time earlier or later, or if you postpone a single or multi-day event. We are confident you may even not pay attention to this as it will just feel very natural.

A second screen (right hand side of the previous screenshot) lets you fine-tune the event definition with some slightly more advanced options, like adding one or more of the most commonly-used questions for your participants.


If you need to configure anything else, you might want to hide the event while creating it (this will prevent members to participate right away) and further configure it in LionsBase (see Managing Event Information).


In order to ease the creation of a club’s whole agenda, the most important parts of the last event you created will be reused as default values for the next one you prepare.

This really speeds up the preparation since the calendar, the dates and the predefined location are preselected, thus logically preventing you from having to “scroll longer and longer” (for the date fields) as you create events further and further away.

The event creation form goes back to default, completely empty, settings, 2 hours after the creation of the last event.

Social Activities

The form to manage social activities (introduced in version 5.3) has been enhanced to reflect the User Experience (UX) of the creation of new events:

  • start and end dates now use a longer format like “Fri 16.07.2021” instead of “16.07.21”;
  • the start and end date pickers are synchronized.


You will soon be able to create events related to your social activities (though in LionsBase Backend, not in the application). When doing so, this will have benefits:

  • the corresponding social action will not be listed in the calendar but will be replaced by an event where your members can register as usual;
  • once the event is over, the reporting associated to the social activity (number of persons, hours worked) will be computed automatically for you, based on the actual list of participants.

Read more in chapter Automatic Reporting using Events.

Other Changes

In addition, a few bugs have been squashed and minor enhancements integrated:

  • by analyzing some automatic error reports (not crashes), we figured out that, mostly in Austria as it seems, some member records fetched from the API could not be properly “instantiated” and would thus not be available in the application. In short this means that looking for some members would not find them at all, as if they were not Lions members! And as incredible as it sounds, this problem was never reported although chances are high many users must have figured out that some of their Lions friends were not present;
  • the popup message telling you that a member has been properly invited does not require any interaction anymore as it has been replaced by a temporary notification message instead;
  • for a few members, especially those having many awards, the profile page could be slightly truncated; this should now be prevented;
  • various internal libraries have been upgraded.


Using Android? Please see corresponding release notes.


[1]Although the description field is only allowing plain text, it is worth mentioning that (basic) Markdown formatting is supported, thus letting you format your description with bold, italic, lists, and adding links by pasting some URL in it.
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