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LionsBase Mobile

LionsBase Mobile is the official application to give you a handy access to the directory of members, quickly confirming your attendance at an event or checking other information of your organization. This application is running on iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android.

In order to use this application, you will need to provide your LionsBase credentials since most if not all features require an authenticated connection to LionsBase.

User Manual

For a very long time we thought that the LionsBase mobile application should be so easy to use that writing a user manual was not necessary. However over time we have added so many new features and sometimes slightly hidden gems that it turned out that even skilled users were not always knowing every trick.

Please read the Complete User Manual to learn everything about this mobile application.

Release Notes

Since the LionsBase Mobile user interface is slightly different between the supported platforms, please choose the operating system of your mobile device:

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