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Creating a New Page

First of all, make sure to select Web > Page in the menu on the left:

Module Web > Page

In the page tree, click on the icon new page. This will show a second toolbar with a few common types of pages you may create. You certainly want to create a standard page, thus left click on the first page icon and drag the icon in your website’s structure where it should be added:

Creating a new page using drag and drop

The blue line shows where the new page will be added. In this case, right after “Archiv (alt)”. If you want to create a page as a child of another page, simply drop the page icon on top of the parent page.

When you drop the page icon, the new page is created in the page tree and its title changes to edit mode (something you can do anytime by double-clicking on a page title):

Editing the page title within the page tree

At this point, enter some text and validate with ENTER.

The page will actually remain invisible in your website as long as the forbidden sign is present on the page icon: page hidden. Once you added content to your page and the page is ready to be published, right click on the page icon and select the entry “Enable”:

Publishing a page to the website
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