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Shedding light on the news within LionsBase (and TYPO3)…


First of all, a news article may have 4 different dates:

  1. Field “Date & Time”: this is the date of the news.

  2. Archive date: after this date, the news is not considered “fresh enough” anymore and is supposed to be hidden from latest news. The news is however still visible if you know its URL or if you show a list of older news (like the “archives”).

  3. Publish Date. This is the exact same field as “Start date” for other TYPO3 records. Before this date, the news may basically not be shown at all

  4. Expiration Date. This is the exact same field as “End date” for other TYPO3 records. After this date, the news may basically not be shown at all anymore.


You may wonder how news are typically sorted (this may be changed in the news plugin). By default, news are sorted by their “Date & Time” field, that is the “date of the information” and by priority.

What is the priority? You see the checkbox “Top news” when editing a news record? This is used to mark the corresponding article as “more important than the others”. As such, when showing latest news, you first see “Top news” records (sorted by date) and then you see the other default-priority news records. You could think of “Top news” as “sticky posts” on some social platforms for instance. It is best not to abuse the number of priority news you have.

Number of News

How many news are shown? This depends on the configuration of the plugin. For the latest new club website design in MD 102, it’s by default 3 news on the homepage. For MD 114, it’s 5 news rotating in the banner.

LionsBase Mobile

LionsBase mobile is fetching latest news from a given set of “sources” (Club news, Zone news, …). The default set of sources has been prepared for each every member according to his/her club. The member may then freely configure its mobile app to fetch news from any other set of sources. If you happen to remove every sources in your preferences, then the default set is configured again.

LionsBase mobile is fetching news records from the LionsBase API. This API has some hardcoded settings:

  1. Archived news are not returned

  2. Not more than 20 news are returned

  3. No news older than 180 days (= 6 months) will ever be returned

So the workflow to return news for the dashboard is:

  1. Fetch every non-archived news from the configured sources of the member

  2. Filter out news older than 180 days

  3. Sort the set by priority and then date

  4. Take up to the top 20 first news records

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