Gestion des informations d’une action sociale

The social activities of your club are stored as records in your club (respectively zone, region, district and multiple district) storage folder.

Informations générales

Ce formulaire vous permet de gérer les informations générales d’une action sociale. Veuillez faire attention au fait que certains champs peuvent ne pas être disponibles pour vous, en fonction des droits d’accès qui vous ont été accordés.

Since the edit form is quite long, it is split in this documentation into the upper and lower half parts.

General information of the social activity (start)

An activity starts with a title and dates. The status (either « Planned Project » or « Confirmed / Done ») lets you plan the activity way ahead and do the reporting (see below) afterwards.


The mobile application is able to manage (create and update) social activities as long as they are « planned ». Once published, that is status set to « Confirmed / Done », it will get synchronized to Oak Brook and may naturally still be updated at any time but only using this Backend edit form.

The second part of the form lets you provide additional information for your social activity. These pieces of information are not required for reporting to Oak Brook but are naturally very useful for your own history and showing in your club website.

General information of the social activity (end)

Finally, but this is useful only for DLBM / MDLBM or responsible for social activities at a higher level than your Lions Club, it is possible to set which level is associated with the social activity. It should not be needed to manually change it since it is most probably correctly configured when creating a social activity:

Lions level for the social activity


This second tab lets you prepare the actual reporting (which is required by Oak Brook LCI). In fact, since 2012, the eMMR Web Service from Oak Brook, USA, should be used to synchronize social activity reports as well. Preparing that reporting (either from this form or from the mobile application) is quick and easy.

The plugin of social activities may then be configured to possibly show those details to authenticated members and thus get a clear summary overview of your various activities over the Lions fiscal years.

Reporting for the social activity

The reporting starts by choosing a category or cause and then providing some details such as the amount of money collected or donated.

How to Report a Social Activity

In order to have consistency among all clubs, it is suggested to stick to these conventions:

  • The amount of money collected / donated is a value in your own currency (e.g., € or CHF);

  • The number of persons served is how many non-Lions persons benefited from the social activity;

  • The number of volunteers is how many Lions participated during the social activity;

  • The number of hours worked is the total number of hours invested; that is, the duration of the activity multiplied by the number of volunteers. You may of course include preparation hours.

Campagne d’action

Le champ Campagne d’action est utilisé pour faire correspondre votre action sociale à une campagne mondiale Lions Clubs :

  • Diabètes (2017-2018)

  • Engaging our Youth (2010-2011, 2011-2012, …)

  • Protecting our Planet (2010-2011, 2011-2012, …)

  • Relieving the Hunger (2010-2011, 2011-2012, …)

  • Sharing the Vision (2010-2011, 2011-2012, …)


Ces campagnes étaient principalement liées à l’année du centenaire des Lions en 2017-2018 et ne sont probablement plus utiles de nos jours. Néanmoins, elles sont disponibles si jamais quelqu’un en a besoin.

Rapport automatique à l’aide d’événements

Starting with LY 2021-2022, you may now relate a social activity with a calendar event and take benefit of the actual list of participants to automatically populate the number of volunteers (= actual participants) and the number of hours worked for your social activity.

To do so, you first need to enable that option while editing your social activity:

Associating an event to a social activity

Upon saving your social activity, an event with registration will be created and associated to your social activity.

At this point the social activity itself will not be shown anymore in the list of upcoming events when using the LionsBase mobile application but naturally replaced by the corresponding event.

Veuillez noter que l’évènement crée est marqué comme « caché » à l’origine. Ceci afin de vous permettre de faire des mises à jour suivant vos besoins (plus de détails concernant l’inscription, etc.).

Veuillez consulter le chapitre :ref:`managing_event_information`pour savoir comment utiliser les évènements calendrier.


The automatic reporting happens three (3) days after the end of the corresponding event in order to let you have plenty of time to possibly review the list of participants.

The automatic reporting is unrelated to marking your social activity as « confirmed » (see Informations générales) and thus the actual reporting to MyLCI / Oak Brook will only be done once your social activity is marked as confirmed.

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