Help Translating

The LionsBase Documentation is written in English and then translated to French, German and Italian. We are using Sphinx to write the documentation. Sphinx is a tool that lets us automatically produce different types of output according to our needs, may they be (for us) HTML to use on the Web or PDF to be printed.

The content of the documentation is put under version control and regularly fetched by our online Pootle translation server that is both responsible for letting everyone interested translate the various chapters of the documentation and to publish to this website the different versions of the documentation.

When showing a translated version of the documentation, a button in the left menu lets you search the translation server and quickly find the text you selected:

Button "Update selected text"

In order to ensure an optimal workflow when translating the LionsBase documentation, we require you to be authenticated to suggest better wordings. So make sure you log in before starting to translate:

Login for the translation server

Feel free to contact us if you need help with our translation server. And thanks in advance for helping us!