Generating Tickets and Using a QR-code Scanner


  • A simple page has been added and is associated to the «mobile design», the very cleaned-up design used e.g., when resetting the password from the mobile application.

  • The page (linked as for Switzerland) has just one content element, a plugin of type «LionsBase Calendar - External scanner». This page will shows an error if clicking on the link, this is because it misses an event ID parameter.


  1. Ensure your event is using QR-codes and tickets

  2. Make sure the registration period is over

  3. Open the list of participants from the web

  4. Scrolling down a bit shows you a zone to review participants:

    Reviewing participants coming to an event
  5. Clicking on the «Scan a QR-code» button opens the page we discussed above and will not show an error this time:

    Calibrating the QR-code scanner
  6. The calibration is needed because internally the QR-code scanner you use acts as a keyboard for your computer and depending on the layout of the standard keyboard and the configuration of your OS (language, …), the key codes you get from the Bluetooth/USB scanner will be interpreted differently. This calibration part lets LB/TYPO3 know how to interpret the keyboard codes and translate them automatically to their correct ASCII letters and digits, as embedded into the QR-code.

  7. When you scan the QR-code, it automatically goes one step further and shows you the actual form to scan tickets from the participants:

    Screen to scan a ticket
  8. Doing so with a valid ticket does that currently:

    Confirmation screen for a valid ticket
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