Gestione delle informazioni sull’evento

Gli eventi del tuo club vengono memorizzati come record nella tua cartella di archiviazione di club.

Events are associated to a given «Calendar». Each club gets a dedicated calendar which you see by scrolling down within your club dashboard (beware: do not click the big button to show events because it will effectively only show your events and you will not see the calendar record itself):

The default calendar record associated to a club

There is not much to configure within this calendar record except the default list of reviewers:

Functions to automatically assign default reviewers

This will effectively lets you automatically populate a default list of members who should be granted access to reviewing the attendance (member participating or not) of the events you create. It is advised to keep those Lions functions (for a club calendar):

  • Club Censor

  • Club President

  • Club LionsBase Master

but you may of course adjust this configuration to suit your own preference.

Informazioni generali

Questo modulo consente di gestire le relative informazioni di evento del calendario generale. Si prega di notare che alcuni campi potrebbero non essere disponibili per voi, secondo i diritti di accesso sono stati concessi.

Si prega di notare che secondo il tipo di evento si sceglie, alcune schede possono essere o non essere visibile.

General information of the calendar event

Buono a sapersi: Se alcuni degli eventi futuri non sono indicate nel sito, questo non è un bug in LionsBase ma un’indicazione che il Webmaster del club ha deciso di limitare il numero di eventi futuri presenti nel sito. Si prega di leggere capitolo Configuring the Events Plugin per i dettagli.


The exact list of «natures» depends on your position in LionsBase but two are particularly important:

  • Default: Nothing special, the event behaves as usual.

  • Closed event (invitation only): This makes the event really special in the sense that it will not be visible to anyone except for those members who were explicitely invited.

Allow external guests

This checkbox lets you invite external, non-Lions, members to your event. The invitation is sent by e-mail and the guests receive an access code which lets them accept or decline the invitation and answer additional questions on their own, similarly to regular Lions members.

Generate personal tickets

This checkbox enables the generation of a personal ticket for the event. Above all, this ticket embeds a QR-code which may be typically scanned by the LionsBase mobile application in order to automatically confirm the presence of the member to the event.


La posizione di un evento può essere sia arbitrariamente definita o se si incontra regolarmente allo stesso posto, si può considerare la creazione di un record di posizione con alcune informazioni aggiuntive che rivelerà piacevolmente nel calendario del tuo sito Web.

Location of the calendar event

Si prega di leggere capitolo Gestione predefiniti posizioni per imparare a creare il tuo proprio predefiniti elementi di posizione.

Extended information

Extended information about the calendar event


For events with registration, you may attach a file (e.g., a PDF with additional information). This file will be linked in the event’s summary.

Publicly promote in hierarchy

This checkbox is used to publicly promote your event in the hierarchy (club, zone, region, district, multiple district). The calendar plugin you put on your website may then be configured to show such events.

A typical use case would be to show important club events as part of a «multiple district calendar».

Target groups

Gruppi target sono utilizzati per preparare il calendario personale di ogni membro autenticato.


Target groups are taken into account for events at level zone, region, district or multiple district. That is, club events are implicitly public (in the sense that they are visible).


The list of available target groups is filtered according to the authorizations of the LionsBase Master and the level of the event. For instance events linked to a club calendar do not show zone, region, district or multiple district level functions. LionsBase Masters who were granted access to a given level solely will mainly only see the next-to lower level functions:

  • Accesso alla zona = > zona e Club livello funzioni illustrate;

  • Access to Region => Region, Zone and Club level functions shown;

  • Access to District => District, Region and Zone level functions shown;

  • Access to Multiple District => Multiple District and District level function shown.

In addition to the functions, you find two special entries at the beginning of the list, namely «Everyone (public)» and «All members»:

Target groups for an event
  • Everyone (public): Any member will see the event and possibly will be able to attend it. E.g., a club event where members of other clubs are encouraged to participate.

  • All members: Not specifically targeted at given functions but event should be shown to any member in the Lions hierarchy. E.g., an event for a zone should be shown to all members of the clubs within the corresponding zone. There is a special case when a club event is targeted at «All members» in the sense that it will effectively target any member in the corresponding zone.

Per ulteriori informazioni sull’assegnazione di autorizzazioni a un membro, si prega di leggere il capitolo Member Authorizations.

Guest clubs

Guest clubs are particularly useful to denote the fact that an event is co-organised by more than one club. It will automatically publish the event to the corresponding club’s calendar and will make the event visible to all members of those clubs, regardless of how the event has been targeted to some functions.


You may choose to activate the registration module for the corresponding event. To do so, make sure to properly change the type of your event from «simple event» to a type supporting the registration.

Options of an event registration

Upon saving your event, the reviewer section will be populated automatically with members associated with the functions you selected within your calendar (read more). You may naturally change the default list of reviewers for a given event.


Si può anche richiedere il membro a rispondere ad alcune domande aggiuntive durante la sottoscrizione:

Questions related to an event registration

This example is a typical use case of YES/NO answers which are then rendered like that in the LionsBase mobile application:

Additional questions as seen in the mobile application


Per una migliore esperienza utente e un riassunto nell’applicazione mobile (dalla versione 4.3), è meglio attenersi ai seguenti tipi di domande:

  • Checkboxes (YES/NO answers)

  • Radio buttons (choosing one option among a few like ordering «menu 1», «menu 2» or «menu 3»)

  • Numeric field (e.g., «Number of additional children»)


Ancora incerti su come si comporta effettivamente ogni tipo di domanda nell’applicazione mobile (o nel sito web)? Allora assicuratevi di leggere le note di rilascio della versione 7.3.3 che descrive chiaramente come sarà e come rendere l’esperienza utente migliore per i vostri partecipanti.


Using radio buttons with «yes» and «no» as options instead of a checkbox is really not a clever idea since it results in both a bad user-experience from the member’s perspective and graphs of answers in the mobile application which are much less intuitive.

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