Gestione delle attività sociali

Social (or Service) Activities are a way for Lions clubs to make local communities better places to live. Support for social activities is an integral part of LionsBase since 2001 and help Lions clubs to measure the impact they are making through service to their communities. It features a simple accountancy mechanism to help the Lions club and its multiple district to prepare some statistics.

Being LION means to engage in social activities regularly as implied by the motto «We Serve». Lions clubs help needy people all over the world in form of personal help or cash donations. Each club performs its own social activity program and LionsBase helps this planning the corresponding reporting.

Activities include for example:

  • Cleaning a nature reserve

  • Excursion with a children’s home

  • Helping visually impaired and blind people

  • Participating in blood donation campaigns

  • Supporting farmers

  • Packaging Christmas gifts for orphans

  • Selling homemade biscuits to the financial support of other engagements

Since 2012, the eMMR Web Service from Oak Brook, USA should be used to send monthly reports of these service activities. This report allows clubs to:

  • provide a narrative description for each activity;

  • share service activity information with other clubs;

  • set service objectives and track progress toward achieving them.


A social activity may be reported at any level of the Lions Clubs International level: club, zone, region, district or multiple district.

The following chapters will show you how to manage your social activities in LionsBase:

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