Logging into LionsBase

LionsBase is using a central authentication system to let members log into the private areas always using the same username (their email address) and personal password.

Their actual access rights for the different modules of LionsBase are computed during this authentication process and updated accordingly. This ensures for instance that pages whose access is only granted for members of the committee will effectively be made accessible if the member is currently part of that committee.

Logging into the Management Website

The management website is accessible to authorized members by typing https://lionsbase.<yourdomain>/typo3/ into the address bar of your browser (where <yourdomain> stands for lionsclub.ch, lions.at, …). This shows the so-called Backend login screen:

The management website authentication screen

Authorized members may authenticate themselves using their username (which is an email address) and their personal password. If the password has been forgotten, the same procedure as when trying to log into the intranet applies.

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