Handling Synchronization Errors

In case of a synchronization failure that LionsBase cannot handle on its own, a window (Figure 2) shows the different statuses of the entry that caused the failure using three panels:

Synchronization conflicts

Figure 1: Resolving synchronization conflicts

Local LionBase data

On the left-hand side panel, the records of the local database of LionsBase are displayed. These records are not editable.

Replace local and remote with

In the middle panel, the records are by default copied from the local LionsBase database. An administrator can now modify the record in order to resolve the issue. To improve the process, values can be copied directly from both the local (LionsBase) and the remote (Oak Brook) databases. When the conflicts are resolved, the record is saved and will be processed automatically when the next synchronization job will occur. If needed, the possibility is given to synchronize the record without waiting for the next synchronization job. Similarly, the synchronization event (or task) can also be dropped.

Remote Oak Brook data

On the right-hand side panel, the records belonging to the remote database at Oak Brook are displayed. These records are not editable.

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