Versione 1.2.0

Data dell’edizione:
 5 aprile 2016
Compatibilità:iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9

The user interface has been polished and is now more consistent. In addition, this version comes with a bunch of exciting new features:


  • You can now edit the single line of comment associated to your inscription
  • If the event has additional questions, you may easily answer them
  • The optional attachment (e.g., PDF with official invitation) can be shown
  • List of members participating to the event

Directory of members

  • Quickly call someone by swiping the result list item
  • Detail page now shows social network links (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, …)
  • Tap on the club after searching for a member to open the corresponding club
  • Members with MJF award or alike get a small badge

List of clubs

  • List of all Lions and Leo clubs in your multi district
  • Detail page shows general informations
  • Show club on the map
  • Access to the list of committee members
  • Access to the list of members


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