Versione 2.0.0

Data dell’edizione:
 24 maggio 2016
Compatibilità:iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9

We have so many new features or polished UX that we thought this version would deserve a major version bump!

You asked for it and we are convinced you will totally love this…

Calendar of Events

  • Want to see the events of another club? Just open its detail page and you will have a link to its program.
  • You may now register to public events of another club.
  • The list of persons now includes members attending and not attending as well as those who did not yet answer.
  • Oh, did we mention that you may export an event to your own calendar? It is even better than cluttering your calendar with every event, even if you cannot attend it.

Directory of Members

  • It is now obvious that you may search members by either name or phone number (partial phone number of course).
  • When showing the detail of a member, tapping a phone number will not longer call the member at once but will ask to confirm. This prevents calling someone by error.
  • When tapping a mobile phone number, you may now choose to either call the number or send a SMS, handy isn’t it?
  • A new section «History» lets you see the whole Lions history of a member, including statuses and functions at all levels.
  • The list of members within a club (from the detail page of a club) lets you sort them by name, year of entry or age.

List of Clubs

  • You may now filter the list of clubs by zone or district name, in addition to the club name.

And as usual, various enhancements so that the app is smoother and more appealing to use.


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