Versione 3.0.0

Data dell’edizione:
 25 maggio 2017
Compatibilità:iOS 9, iOS 10

Lions year 2016-2017 is nearly over but we don’t want you to miss this release before Summer. And if it’s not already done, this is a great opportunity to start the new year by making sure all your Lions friends are actively using this app as well.


  • The whole icon set has been streamlined and is now mostly served as SVG for even crispier rendering.

Login Form

  • Users with an outdated password will now see a hint to explain what they should do instead of just reading «Invalid credentials».
  • Password is too old for the app or just forgotten? You now have a link to reset your password.
  • Bug fix: credentials would not get saved if you changed your email address. This is now fixed.


  • The news carousel has been reimplemented to be more stable. It now requires a double tap to read the full news story.

Elenco dei membri

  • The list of members now shows sponsor members as well. Sponsors missing? So ask your Club LionsBase Master to complete your profile.
  • More information (social networks) are now exported to your address book.


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