Versione 5.1.1

Data dell’edizione:
 6 gennaio 2019
Compatibilità:iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12

This is a bug fix release.

Due to regular problems and regressions with an underlying library which empowered us to use SVG (vectorial) images instead of traditional bitmaps (introduced in v3.0.0, back in May 2017), we decided that we could no longer put fragility into this mobile application and refactored the code and image handling to move «back» to bitmaps.

This makes a dependency less on 3rd-party libraries which is always a good idea anyway.

To be more clear, as an end user, what you will see with this bug fix release is that images are crisp again and take full advantage of your modern retina display.

In addition, removing members from your search history or source of news for your feed should be slightly more easy now.


Using Android? Those changes are part of the v5.1.0 release.

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