Versione 5.5.0

Data dell’edizione:
 15 marzo 2019
Compatibilità:iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12

This release comes with some new features:

  • You may now tap a twinning club and navigate to its detail page if the corresponding (foreign) club is using LionsBase as well.

  • Since version 5.3, a few club members may manage social activities from the app. But this did not mean they all figured out they could simply use the circled «+» icon top right to create new social activities. Now, if there is no social activity available (the list is empty), a friendly message will guide them toward this action icon.

  • The app now supports Guiding Lion certification and shows a compass icon for member being certified; e.g., in the search result:

    Example of a member with a valid Guiding Lion certification


In addition, a minor enhancement has been integrated:

  • The «RSVP» part in the detail of an event would show greyed-out buttons once the registration period was over, which was not really handy to reflect your actual registration. This is now changed so that your answer (yes or no) is shown in color, while the other option is disabled.


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