Understanding the role of Multiple District LionsBase Master

The Multiple District LionsBase Master is the person who deals with Lions-related information at the multiple district level. But as their position implies it, they are responsible for answering questions and helping the District LionsBase Masters. They benefit from a direct connection to the LionsBase Developers at Causal Sàrl in case a special case needs to be tackled with or if a feature would be worth getting implemented.

Hierarchy of roles in LionsBase - Multiple District LionsBase Master

Easiest way to get in touch with the right person is described in chapter Chiedendo aiuto.

In addition, the Multiple District LionsBase Master is responsible for organizing LionsBase Teaching Days for the District LionsBase Masters in the multiple district, probably together with other Multiple District LionsBase Masters and/or with LionsBase Developers.

It turns out that organizing such events on a yearly basis is very important for maintaining the knowledge and avoid spending too much time in support requests.

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