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Managing Club Email

LionsBase is able to redirect messages sent to a generic club email address to an arbitrary list of recipients, if it has been activated for your multiple district. Once properly configured, this generic club email address should typically be stored as the official email address for your club. Please read chapter Managing Club Information for further information.

Just as for other Lions information, you will find an “Email Alias” record at the bottom of your club storage folder:

Email for the club

When you edit the email record you will see a text field with the associated recipients:

Recipients associated to the generic email address

The input field for the list of recipients accepts blank space, comma, semi-colon and new line as email address separator. Upon saving, invalid email addresses will be removed, recipients will be sorted and stored one by line.

Please note that the email address itself (in the example demo@lionsclub.ch) may only be changed by your District LionsBase Master. Please read chapter Managing Email Addresses for more information.

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