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Transferring Members

Sometimes members relocate and need to be transferred from their former club to another one; this is referred to as a transfer operation in LionsBase.

We distinguish three types of transfer:

  1. The member is transferred from one club to another one within the same multiple district.

  2. The member is coming from a foreign club.

  3. The member is relocated to a foreign club.

We need to tackle with member transfer using a dedicated workflow not only as it is counterproductive to reenter all membership information and personal data in the new club but because the member’s Lions life (status, membership, …) is archived and synchronized to Oak Brook, USA and a relocated member should keep this history in the new Lions club.

Transferring Members within the same Multiple District

The transfer happens in two phases:

  1. The current club (= “source”) selects the member and starts the transfer workflow, putting the member into a stage from which the new club will retrieve them.

  2. The new club (= “target”) accepts the member and as such finalizes the transfer workflow.

To start a transfer, go to your club storage folder and click the right arrow for the member you want to transfer:

Menu of operations on a member

A transfer wizard shows up. You need to press the big “Transfer” button and then follow the instructions by clicking on “Next”:

Wizard to transfer members within the multiple district

At the end of the process, your club dashboard as “source” will show members that are waiting for approval:

Dashboard of the club showing transferred members waiting to be accepted by the new club

As long as the member as not been accepted, you may cancel the transfer at any time by using the corresponding button in the list.

The dashboard of the “target” club will show a corresponding view with members to be accepted:

Dashboard of the club showing members in transfer waiting to be accepted to your club

You may accept or reject a member by using the corresponding button in the list of pending operations. Any rejected member will stay in the list as long at the club that initiated the transfer did not acknowledge the rejection by cancelling the transfer operation.

Please note: As long as a member is in a pending transfer state, it will not show up in the list of members within your club and cannot be modified.

Transfer Members FROM a foreign Multiple District

Step-by-step procedure:

  1. DO NOT create the member in LionsBase

  2. Ask the foreign club to provide following information:

    • Precise name of the foreign club and its LCI Id

    • District of the foreign club

    • Name, sex, birthday, first entry in the foreign club, transfer date and LCI Id of the member to be transferred

Then get in touch with a Multiple District LionsBase Master and ask them to actually transfer the member using the corresponding transfer procedure.

Transfer Members TO a foreign Multiple District

There is nothing we can do to help the foreign Multiple District. The new club will most probably contact you and ask for a few information such as the LCI identifier.

In your club, you should simply add a new status “Transferred” to the corresponding member with a start date corresponding to the date of the transfer and properly stop the former “Active” status and any function the member had in the various committees within your Multiple District.

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