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SkillBase is an innovative tool for Lions in Switzerland and Liechtenstein that promotes the use of the network among members.

To access it, open the menu and choose “SkillBase”:

Access to SkillBase in the menu

What is it all about?

This tool allows Lions to share their personal and professional skills. This gives them the opportunity to network even better. The more Lions add their knowledge and expertise to the database (SkillBase), the more valuable it becomes for all others.

It is possible to enter not only professional skills, but also personal skills (e.g., marketing specialist or wine connoisseur, project manager or horse breeder). Those personal skills and interests are then made visible in the profile of a member:

Skills and Interests


You may tap a bubble to search for other members sharing the same skill or interest.

How to manage my data?

The very first question you need to answer is whether you agree to share your skills and interests with others:

Data Protection

If you choose NOT to share your information, then any skills or interests you may have previously entered will be deleted from the database.

If you agree to share your information, and we hope you will as SkillBase only makes sense if many Lions complete their skills profile, then you will be presented with a few sections of specific questions. E.g.,

Example of skills related related to knowledge of foreign languages

For each and every question, you may simply answer by “yes” or “no”; it’s as simple as that!

The list of skills is curated by the Multiple District. Those responsible persons will possibly update the list of skills they are interested in depending on specific needs and positions they may be willing to provide within the Multiple District.

By scrolling down to the end, you will find another section where you may freely add a few skills or interests of yours.

Important: those skills and interests are the ones you will then find in your member’s profile, in the mobile application (see screenshot at the beginning of this chapter).

Managing other skills and interests


Tap on the “+” button to add a new skill or interest and on the cross mark next to an existing skill or interest to forget about it.

To make it even easier for you to complete your profile, we can show you some suggestions of skills and interests of people with a profile similar to yours. Simply click on a bubble to add a suggestion to your own profile:

Suggestions from other skills and interests

After completing your SkillBase profile, or updating it, be sure to press the save button:

Saving your modifications
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