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To access various settings of the LionsBase mobile application, open the menu and choose “Settings”:

Access to the settings in the menu

This shows:


When you tap your name, you land on the authentication form we described already in chapter First-Time Login.

Data Protection and Exchange

As you certainly know, three multiple districts are currently using LionsBase, namely MD 102 (Switzerland/Liechtenstein), MD 114 (Austria) and, since January 2023, MD 112 (Belgium). Members of these countries are successfully using this mobile application.

Guess what? for a very long time we naturally thought that it would be terrific to be able to get information about clubs in the other country and look for contacts just as we do daily (ok, or weekly) for Lions and LEO members in our own country.

The main issue was being allowed to share information across the border. Some time ago, governors from Switzerland and Austria met and discussed how clubs in the western side of Austria could more easily get in touch with their Swiss neighbor friends from the easterly side of Switzerland. We thought about it, refreshing what was partly imagined already and came up with a very good solution.

Controlled exchange of data between Switzerland/Liechtenstein and Austria

GDPR. You certainly know that it stands for General Data Protection Regulation and is already in effect in Europe, thus Austria and Belgium. But in Switzerland as well we do take privacy and data protection seriously. As such, we are pleased to announce that exchange of information between Switzerland/Liechtenstein, Austria and Belgium (and any future country) is not automatic.

The rule is straightforward: if you want to get access to member data in other countries, you need to share your own profile. Do not worry! We do not ask you to share everything about you, but what is considered “basic Lions information” such as, your name, your photo, your club and your Lions history.


IMPORTANT: Exchange of information is totally free to enable and denied by default. We hope that you will gladly accept to share basic information about you (after all the LCI organisation in US already provides your name and club membership to any Lions member in the world). But if you prefer to stay invisible from foreign Lions members, that is totally fine!

After agreeing to share your basic profile information, you will be able to selectively choose other pieces of information you allow to be exchanged. Examples are email address, phone number, business information and so on.


LionsBase Settings

These are “advanced” settings for the application. Following options are available:

Source of News

This screen lets you configure the news articles you can read when you open the application:

Dashboard when authenticating

Those news articles are aggregated from various “sources”:

Source of news

By default you will be presented with news created for:

  • the websites of clubs in your zone;

  • your zone;

  • your district;

  • your multiple district.

But you may naturally tweak the list, add other sources (click the circled “+” icon top right to see other available sources of news articles) or remove individual sources by swiping an item to the left to uncover a trash icon which lets you remove that source from your list of interests.


If you remove every item in your list, it will automatically reconfigure your list to the default settings.


On this screen you can check the version of the LionsBase mobile application you are using, whether this is the latest one, show the application on App Store or Google Play and leave a review, or access this documentation.



Available since Version 8.5.0.

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