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Bluetooth Barcode Reader

LionsBase mobile is capable of using an external Bluetooth-based barcode reader. Following device is known to work properly:

Pairing with iOS device

  1. Configure output interface of the scanner to be iOS by scanning the following sequence of barcodes:

    Pairing with iOS device - Step 1
  2. Switch your scanner to Bluetooth Mode:

    Pairing with iOS device - Step 2
  3. Pair your scanner with iOS device:

    Pairing with iOS device - Step 3
  4. Turn on Bluetooth setting in your iOS device. From the list of available Bluetooth devices, appropriately select the device which you intend to pair with.


The barcode reader behaves as an external keyboard and as thus will unfortunately disable as well the built-in virtual keyboard. Be sure to either unpair or switch off Bluetooth if you need the virtual keyboard back.


Chapter Generating Tickets and Using a QR-code Scanner shows how to use such a scanner with the Web UI instead of the mobile application.

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