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Updating One’s Own Profile

After successfully authenticating, you will be presented with a link to update your profile. As a standard member you are not entitled to update any of your own information, this is to prevent accidental loss of critical pieces of information. In case you need to update a field that is not shown, you should get in touch with your Club LionsBase Master (typically your club’s secretary).

Changing Password

This form lets you easily change your own password:

Progress meter to check quality of your password

Upon saving, your password will be used to generate a private key that is required to let you successful sign-in when using LionsBase Mobile.

Complexity of the Password

LionsBase has the responsibility to users to accurately tell them how good their password is.

  • If your password is 8 characters long and only formed of lower case characters, you need to make it better, perhaps by adding a number or more characters.
  • If your password is 25 characters long but happens to not contain a number, you should not be forced by a password security policy to add one, you clearly have a very secure password.

The external library LionsBase uses to compute the complexity of a password aims at providing a good measure of password complexity for websites for giving hints to users in the form of a strength meter, and for enforcing a minimum complexity for security reasons.

Your password should contain at least 8 characters and have a complexity of 70% on the password meter. Please read password guidelines for some hints on how to choose a good password.

The library we use provides a demo website where you may enter a password and see how complex it is actually: https://danpalmer.me/jquery-complexify/.

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