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Logging into LionsBase

LionsBase is using a central authentication system to let members log into the private areas always using the same username (their email address) and personal password.

Their actual access rights for the different modules of LionsBase are computed during this authentication process and updated accordingly. This ensures for instance that pages whose access is only granted for members of the committee will effectively be made accessible if the member is currently part of that committee.

Logging into the Intranet

The intranet part of the website is accessible to each and every member by clicking on the padlock icon (Padlock) on top right of the website. This shows the so-called Frontend login screen and allows already logged-in member to close their session:

The authentication form to access the LionsBase Intranet

The username to be used is your main address email and the password is your personal password. If you do not remember your password or you are a new member within your club, you may use the link Forgot your password? and follow the instructions to reset it.

Keeping the Session Active

If ticked, the checkbox “Stay logged in” will add an expiry time of one week to the session cookie. This option should of course be activated only on your private computers. Next time you visit your club’s website, you should automatically be already authenticated.

Personal Password

Your password is personal and should not be disclosed to others. If you seek for help, your Club (as member) or your District LionsBase Master (as Webmaster or Club LionsBase Master) will be able to simulate your account either in Frontend or in Backend, thanks to a unique feature of LionsBase. This is the reason why there should never be a need for you to disclose your personal password or convince you to make it simple and easy to guess.

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