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Configuring the Committee Plugin

When you edit the Committee plugin, the “Plugin” tab lets you choose the field to be rendered and which kind of functions (executive board, officers of the executive board or auditors) as well as which committee should be shown:

Configuration options for the plugin

The two lists allow to choose which fields should be shown in the webpage. The list on the right-hand side shows all possible fields whereas the list on the left-hand side shows your own selection for the webpage. Click on a field in the list on the right-hand side to automatically add it to the list on the left-hand side.

Three special items are present at the beginning of the list:


This item will add a blank space in the output, typically used to output the first name and the last name together on the same line, or the postal code and the city.

[new line]

This item will render the next field on a new line.

[new column]

This item will render the next field in a new table column. Having an additional column means that an additional heading will be needed to define its title.

Changing the Order of Fields

To move one or more fields to another position in the list on the left-hand side and use one of the buttons between the two lists to reorder them:

Button Move top

This button moves the selected items to the top of the list.

Button Move up

This button moves the selected items one position up in the list.

Button Move down

This button moves the selected items one position down in the list.

Button Move bottom

This button moves the selected items to the end of the list.

Button Remove item

This button removes the selected items from the list.

Changing the Table Headings

Each time you add a special list item [new column], a new column is created and as such a new heading is required for the resulting table. The field below the list of fields to be displayed lets you enter a label for each table column. Column headings are separated by a double pipe character (||).

Adding or Modifying Committee Members

The responsible for managing club, zone, region, district or multiple district committees is the Club-, District- or Multiple District LionsBase Master, according to the level of committee that should be updated. The process of managing committee membership is described in the chapter Managing Member Information.

Upcoming Committee Composition

It is important to point out a special behaviour of the committee plugin. In fact, in order for Club LionsBase Master to prepare member functions of the upcoming Lions year committee, the plugin will automatically show, for authenticated members only, the composition of the committee starting from 1st of May. For anonymous users, the new committee will be shown at the start of the next Lions year, that is, on 1st of July.

Adding a new Committee Plugin

Create a new content element and choose to insert a “General Plugin”:

General Plugin

Then it is considered a good practice to give a title to your content element. In order for the title you give not being rendered on your website, you may change its type to “hidden”:

Adding a header to the content element

Finally, under the “Plugin” tab, choose the Committee plugin:

Selection of the plugin to use

Then proceed as usual to configure the plugin.

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