Member Authorizations

If you are authenticated as a District or a Multiple District LionsBase, you may grant members access to some of the administration parts of LionsBase.

Hint: The member authorizations are technically TYPO3 Backend user groups. Those user groups are assigned to the corresponding Backend user when they authenticate into the TYPO3 Backend.

The management of the member authorizations takes place in the last tab of a member record:

Overview of the access right of a member


The «Authorizations» part should be seen as a way to assign «roles» to the corresponding member. Please refer to chapter Ruoli nel sito Web di gestione for a description of each and every role in this list.

Authorization Levels

The «Authorization Levels» define one or more entry points in the LionsBase hierarchy where those roles apply.

The following figure shows the typical structure of a LionsBase install:

Typical page tree of a LionsBase install

Roles and access:

  • The «Website editor» role grants access to one ore more club websites, which are identified with a world icon ("World" icon).

  • The «Management of …» roles grant access to one or more LionsBase data folders, which are identified with a black icon (LionsBase Data Folder).

  • The «LionsBase administrator» roles basically grant access to the folder enclosing the selected level.


  • Role «Website editor» with authorization level «Gros-de-Vaud, Lions Club» grants access as Webmaster for the website ["World" icon Gros-de-Vaud (36230)].

  • Role «Management of events» with authorization level «Gros-de-Vaud, Lions Club» partly grants access as Club LionsBase Master for the data folder [LionsBase Data Folder Gros-de-Vaud (36230)].

  • Role «Management of activities» with authorization level «102 W» grants access to the data folder [LionsBase Data Folder - District Data 102 W].

Combination of Roles and Authorization Levels

Please read this section carefully as the combination of roles and authorization levels is the tricky part to grasp from the management of member authorizations.

Roles and authorization levels are both technically represented by TYPO3 Backend user groups. Backend user groups may define:

  • Access lists: Members are allowed to read some tables, edit others, see and modify a set of special attributes (e.g., the name of a club), or use a restricted set of content elements, …

  • Page mount points: Members have access to a given part of the page tree.

  • File mount points: Members have access to a given part of the file system (Module File > Fileadmin).

The roles in LionsBase only configure access lists whereas the authorization levels configure page and file mount points.

Due to technical restrictions from TYPO3, members being part of multiple groups get their TYPO3 authorizations (access lists, page and file mount points) all applied at the same time. This means that it is not feasible to grant access for instance to management of events solely in a club and management of activities solely at a district level.

The first screenshot shows a member with following roles:

  • Website editor;

  • Management of club information and members;

  • Management of social activities;

  • Management of events;

and following authorization levels:

  • Gros-de-Vaud, Lions Club;

  • 102 W.

The combination of those roles grants their access to:

  • ["World" icon Gros-de-Vaud (36230)]: come webmaster;

  • [LionsBase Data Folder Gros-de-Vaud (36230)]: for events, social activities, club information and member, …

  • [LionsBase Data Folder - District Data 102 W]: for events, social activities

Club and member records are not allowed outside of club data folders (with the exception of the root data directory [LionsBase Data Folder LionsBase Data], which is used to hold records for clubs outside of the multiple district, foreign sponsor members, …, but is only accessible to Multiple District LionsBase Masters).

Please note: The role «Website editor» may in fact be assigned either as «Level 1» or «Level 2». Please read chapter Webmaster Levels for further information.

Final remarks:

  • Access to the club websites for a whole zone or region at once is not possible;

  • Role «Website editor» has no effect without an authorization level corresponding to a club;

  • Role «LionsBase administrator» automatically grants all other roles to the member and give access as webmaster for the corresponding District or Multiple District authorization level.

Additional Backend User Groups

In case the LionsBase install is used for another purpose than purely for LionsBase-generated websites (e.g., the multiple district website), this panel lets you assign arbitrary Backend user groups from TYPO3. Ideally, those user groups should define both access control lists and file or page mount points. Please refer to the TYPO3 documentation for further details.

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