Summary of the Registrations

The registration summary shows a listing of every subscribed member together with a few additional information such as her phones, club name, attending status and optional comment.

L’elenco è ordinato frequentando lo status (frequentando poi non frequentanti) e quindi dal nome del membro.

Elenco dei membri con Status sconosciuto

The list is extended to show every members not having yet registered if:

  • L’evento è associato a un club, o
  • L’evento è configurato in modo che i membri di destinazione sono supposti per essere presenti.

Exporting the Registration Summary

At the end of the list you find an export button that will generate an Excel 2007 spreadsheet (*.xlsx) from the registration summary:

Export the registration summary to Excel

This export contains member information, registration status, optional comments and answers to the questions associated to the corresponding event.

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