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Now that you are authenticated, each time you open the LionsBase mobile application, you land on the so-called “Dashboard”.


The dashboard is the main screen of the application and shows you useful information grouped in a few sections:

Dashboard when authenticating


The number of news presented in the dashboard is fixed and bound to the 30 most recent articles from all your sources/interests.

Access to the Menu

The hamburger menu (the icon with three bold lines top left)

Hamburger-like icon to access the menu

gives you a direct access to the various parts of the LionsBase mobile application which will be described in the next chapters.

Menu of the LionsBase mobile application

Here are some direct links to the various menu entries:


Another way to access the menu (or go back to the previous screen) is to place your finger on the left hand side of your device and swipe it to the right, thus towards the center of the screen.

Personal Profile

The top part of the menu gives you a quick access to your own profile:

Access to one's own profile

Access to your profile is similar to the profile page of any member you look for, with some additional editing capabilities. This is described in chapter Profile Page of a Member.

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