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To access your personal list of upcoming events, open the menu and choose “Calendar”:

Access to the calendar in the menu

Personal Calendar

When open your calendar, you get a list of all of your upcoming events:

List of upcoming events

As you see, the events are displayed with various colours and symbols. Their meaning is:

  • calendarAttending and green border: you are attending the event;

  • calendarNotAttending and red border: you are not attending the event;

  • calendarUnknown and yellow border: you did not yet answer whether you will be attending or not the event;

  • calendarInfo and grey border: this event does not provide a built-in registration system. It is either a “save-the-date” or an event whose registration is to be handled externally, e.g., using a Google Form, an external ticketing system or alike.

There is yet another symbol that may pop up from time to time:


The list of upcoming events is loaded when you open the application and then refreshed every 6 hours. If you want, you can swipe down the list to force a refresh.

Answering the Invitation

To answer the invitation, thus telling if you will participate or not, or simply to get more information for a particular event, as usual, you should tap it in the list. At the bottom of your screen you will see big RSVP buttons which are initially grey as you did not yet answer:

RSVP buttons to tell the organiser if you are attending the event or not

Tap either the cross mark on the left if you cannot attend the event or the check mark on the right if you will attend the event and the buttons will update their state accordingly.

You are attending the event:

You are attending the event

You are not attending the event:

You are not attending the event

You may change your mind any time as long as the registration period is not over. If you need to change your mind afterwards, you will have to contact a reviewer of the event (e.g., the Club LionsBase Master or your president) as these persons can manage registrations for all participants even after the registration is closed.

Exporting the Event to your Calendar

You have two options to get your Lions events into your calendar. The first one is by manually exporting a single event from its detail page using the “share” icon top right:

Exporting a single event to your calendar

The other way is much more interesting because the idea is to subscribe to the upcoming events so that:

  • events you attend pop up automatically in your calendar;

  • events you do choose to not attend anymore disappear automatically from your calendar;

  • event invitations you did not yet answered are marked in your calendar with a prefix [?] for their title;

  • you will get reminded about event invitations you did not yet answered the last 4 days before the end date of registration (or the event actually starts);

  • any change to the event (date or time is modified, location changes or details are updated) will be reflected automatically in your calendar.

To do so (this needs to be done only once for all), you should tap the cog icon top right in the list of upcoming events:

Subscribe to your upcoming events

This shows a simple page with a link you can tap (please wait a few seconds for the personal link to be generated):

Subscription link for your upcoming events

Now, the end of the process differs for iPhone/iPad and for Android users.


In case you want to subscribe to your personal calendar from your laptop or desktop computer and for some reason the subscription you setup on your mobile device is not replicated, then please read chapter Accessing Calendars in the general LionsBase documentation.

It is worth mentioning that the same subscription link you get from the mobile application is naturally usable from any other device or computer. Please never share it with others.


You will be prompted with a dialog asking whether you want to subscribe to the Lions calendar. Tap the corresponding answer and you are done:

Subscription on iOS


Similarly to iOS users, tapping the button will open your Google Calendar right away and let you confirm that you really want to subscribe to the feed.


In case you are not authenticated with your Google account, you may be prompted to do so to complete the subscription process.

Detail of an Event

The page is likely to be self-explanatory:

Details of an event
  1. The location is (usually) a working link opening your maps application to provide guidance.

  2. Tap this text to see the list of participants, who is not coming and who did not answer yet.

  3. Tap this Comment zone to leave a short comment to the organisers. This is particularly useful when you want to explain why you cannot attend some important event instead of just marking yourself as not attending.

More information may be available, you just need to scroll down a bit.


LionsBase mobile supports links in the description of the event since version 8.3 and presents them in an accessible way (incl. for the visually-impaired):

Event with links extracted from the description

Additional Questions

Sometimes the organisers need to ask a few more questions than only asking you whether you are attending or not. If so, you will be prompted after your registration to answer those few additional questions which are available right after the “Registration” block.

Questions may vary. This could be YES/NO questions like depicted below, or a multiple-choice question (e.g., to choose a menu among a few alternatives) or asking you how many more persons are coming with you and so on).

The YES/NO questions are using a switch control which supports the indeterminate state (as long as you did not answer positively or negatively) that makes it clear which questions have not yet been answered.


Your list of upcoming events is visually enhanced as well to show you right away if you are attending an event but you forgot to answer all questions 1:

An event you are attending but having some unanswered questions

List of Participants

To access the list of participants, as well as the persons who declined the invitation and those who did not answer, tap the “Attendances” link in the detail of the event:

Link to the list of participants

This shows the list of participants:

List of participants
  1. Whenever you change the type of list you want to show (present, absent, no answer), you always see the number of corresponding persons in the list.

  2. If the number of persons is high, you might want to quickly find someone; use this input box to filter the list.

  3. This symbol shows you that the person left a comment, tap it to read what the person wrote.

  4. By default the list show the users participating but if you change, tap this link to go back to the list of participants.

  5. Switch to the list of persons not attending the event.

  6. Switch to the list of persons who did not answer the invitation.

  7. Regardless of the list you show (present, absent or no answer), tap to toggle between a list of persons grouped by club or a list of persons sorted alphabetically:

    List of participants grouped by club

    As you see, the name of the club now shows the number of corresponding persons, which may be really handy.

Inviting Guests

On the detail page, and if the organiser enabled that feature when preparing the event, you see a section with all of your guests (possibly empty) and a direct link to quickly invite someone else:

Link to invite another person to the event


The behaviour is then exactly the same as using the icon showing a member with a “+” mark top right in the list of participants:

Link to invite another person to the event

What this link does is to prompt you a few quick action options in order to either invite your partner, or another Lions/LEO member, or an arbitrary external person possibly to be found within your address book:

Popup menu to invite a guest

Once invited, your guest is automatically added to the list and you may manage them as described in the previous sections. This means that you can manage whether they attend the event but also answer any additional questions on their behalf 2.

Invite a Lions member

The search form for members is shown, search someone and tap their name. In this context, instead of showing their personal profile page, you will be asked whether the member should get invited to your event. Confirm and that’s it.

The Lions (or LEO) member will see the event in their personal calendar and will have to answer the invitation as usual.

Invite an external guest

An invitation form will be shown:

Form to invite an external guest
  1. Instead of manually entering the full name and email address of your guest, this icon lets you choose someone from your personal address book.

  2. After writing some (short) personal message, tap this button to send the invitation.

You and this external guest will receive an email address with that short message and a personal link allowing them to manage the registration from a web page. Any additional questions are naturally supported as well.


Whenever an external guest is marked as “VIP” or “Special Guest” (event administrators can do that), the corresponding participant will be marked with a medal symbol (see Symbols).

Invite my partner

If your partner is saved in your LionsBase profile, this option makes it easy to invite them. In that case, we even mark your partner as being “present” to the event right away, without any additional step. That way, and unless there are additional questions associated to the event that you should answer on their behalf, your partner is just one single tap away from participating in an event you are attending!


Your partner is not yet saved in your LionsBase profile? No problem, since version 7.3 of the mobile application, you may easily change that on your own. Please refer to the corresponding release notes for details.

Common Pitfall

If you do not have the option to invite your partner, it may be related to one of the following reasons:

  1. You are not attending the event yourself. Inviting your partner is only possible if you are there as well.

  2. Your partner is not yet saved in your LionsBase profile. Update your profile with their information, please see above.

  3. Your partner has already been invited. Once invited, you obviously cannot invite them again; simply manage their attendance as any other guest, please see below.

Manage Participants

As a standard member, you can easily manage the registration of your guests by tapping their name in your list of guests:

List of guests the member has invited

As a reviewer, within the list of participants, you can long-tap a name in any of the lists (present, absent, no answer) to show a popup menu to manage that persons’ registration:

Popup menu to manage another person's registration
  1. If you are in the list of persons participating in the event, you will have the option to make that person not attending the event anymore. If you are in the list of persons not participating in the event, you will have the reverse option, and finally if you are in the list of persons who did not answer yet, you will have two options to either attend or not.

  2. Showing answers of someone will present you a screen where you can see the answer to every additional question (and the attending comment). Those answers are by default read-only. In order to change the answer, you will have to tap the “Edit” link top right:

    Edit the answers of a participant

Summary of the Answers

If you go to your club website and open the list of participants you have an option to export everything to MS Excel. That’s an option if you want the detail for each and every member and knowing who exactly chose which option, prepare pivot tables or alike.

When it comes to the LionsBase mobile application, we have embedded some graphs to summarize the options chosen by the participants. To access those graphs, you need to type the graph icon top right in the list of participants:

Graph of answers


  • In green, number of positive answers

  • In red, number of negative answers

  • In yellow, number of persons who did not explicitly answer the question


You may pin and zoom, tap a coloured zone or rotate your device to better read the graphs.

How to Read the Graph

Here is another example of a graph (from a test event with only 2 participants) in order to explain how to correctly read it, in case you are not that familiar with stacking column series.

Stacking column series

In order to deal with graphs with a very high difference in absolute values, typically when you need to show statistics for a national convention with hundreds of participants and e.g., a visit option having 30 [participants] as answer whereas the lunch #1 being 500, the Y axis is using a logarithmic scale.

Since columns are stacked, the graph above should be read like that:

  • for option “Preparation Meeting”, 1 person did not answer (orange) and 1 person answered NO (red):

  • for option “Visit”, 1 person answered NO (red) and 1 person answered YES (green);

  • for (radio option) “TEST RADIO” (where participants could choose either “OPTION 1” or “OPTION 2” or “OPTION 3”), 1 person chose the “OPTION 1”, another chose the “OPTION 3” and nobody chose “OPTION 2”. This leads to a total of 2 answers which equates the number of participants;

  • for question “NUMERIC” (where you ask for some number), the total among all participants is 2.

Events with Tickets

When you register to an event configured to generate a personal ticket, you get a copy of this ticket by email within 15-30 minutes after your registration. But possibly you will forget to bring it with you when leaving your home for the event. If so, you may download your personal ticket from within the application:

Download your own ticket

This may be particularly useful if you have an AirPort-enabled, wifi-enabled (or alike) printer next to you.


Events with a ticket have a QR-code on it. Possibly, the ticket is not absolutely mandatory and only its QR-code is required to check your presence.

If you are attending an event and you open its detail within the app, an menu lets you show your personal QR-code which confirms that you are really attending the event:

Show your personal QR-code


The “Show QR-code” item only shows up if you attend the event and only once the registration is closed.

Scanning a QR-code

This option is restricted to the event reviewers. If you have been assigned as reviewer for an ongoing event, an additional menu item “QR-Code Scanner” in the drawer menu will let you scan the QR-code of the participants and thus automatically confirm their presence.

QR-code scanner

The QR-code scanner will show a feedback on yellow/orange background (instead of green) when reviewing participants of events tagged as National Convention and if the participant is to be considered a “Delegate” (thus possibly receiving some voting material). Naturally a feedback text will tell you in addition of the coloured background that the member is a delegate:

Possible feedback of the QR-code scanner: Valid ticket, Invalid ticket, Valid ticket associated to a delegate

List of messages

In addition to the few sample feedback texts above, here is the list of the various messages you may read:

  • An unknown error occurred while scanning the QR-code.

  • The QR-code is invalid.

  • You are not authorised to confirm the participation of the member.

  • The QR-code has already been validated by {0} on {1}.

  • The QR-code is not valid anymore. Most probably the participation has been declined meanwhile.

  • You cannot validate this QR-code since the registration for the event is still open.

  • The QR-code is invalid for this event.


You may want to use a Bluetooth Barcode Reader instead of your smartphone’s camera.

Creating New Events

Since the release of the version 8.4 of the application, CLBMs may create commonly-configured events without having to open the LionsBase Backend. To do so, they can tap the circled “+” icon they see on top of the calendar:

Toolbar icon to create a new event

This will show you a modal window where the most useful options are presented:

Dialog to create a new event

We chose the most commonly used and important options when creating an event from the mobile app. The goal is to let you quickly add events to your club calendar while discussing the program during a meeting 3.

The various date and time fields are for instance synchronized so that the duration will stay the same if you change the start time earlier or later, or if you postpone a single or multi-day event. We are confident you may even not pay attention to this as it will just feel very natural.

A second screen (right hand side of the previous screenshot) lets you fine-tune the event definition with some slightly more advanced options, like adding one or more of the most commonly-used questions for your participants.


If you need to configure anything else, you might want to hide the event while creating it (this will prevent members to participate right away) and further configure it in LionsBase (see Managing Event Information).

Finally, a “Target Audience” tab lets you choose which groups of members are targeted by that event:

Target audience for the new event


In order to ease the creation of a club’s whole agenda, the most important parts of the last event you created will be reused as default values for the next one you prepare.

This really speeds up the preparation since the calendar, the dates and the predefined location are preselected, thus logically preventing you from having to “scroll longer and longer” (for the date fields) as you create events further and further away.

The event creation form goes back to default, completely empty, settings, 2 hours after the creation of the last event.


Although the description field is only allowing plain text, it is worth mentioning that (basic) Markdown formatting is supported, thus letting you format your description with bold, italic, lists, and adding links by pasting some URL in it.



The detection of unanswered questions works for both checkbox- and radio-based questions.


Management of a guest’s invitation only works for external persons and your partner (considered to be a special but an external person as well). Only reviewers of the event may manage another Lions/LEO member’s registration on their behalf.


Although the description field is only allowing plain text, it is worth mentioning that (basic) Markdown formatting is supported, thus letting you format your description with bold, italic, lists, and adding links by pasting some URL in it.

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