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Find Members

To search a member, open the menu and choose “Find Members”:

Access to searching members in the menu

Search Form

Use the input field to find members:

Input field for searching members

You can search members by many pieces of information, as suggested you can type part of their name, a phone number, an email address, a company name, the name of their partner, …

After typing a few characters, the mobile application will automatically look for corresponding members and start showing results matching your query:

Members found during a search

Simply tap on a member to open their profile page and get more information.


Such a list of members will be reused at various places in the application. E.g., when you show the list of participants of an event or the committee of a club, of a zone, … For some members you may see some icons next to them:

Symbols associated to a member

Here is their meaning:

  • Birthday cake: the member is in their birthday period; this symbol is shown starting 10 days before and is kept visible until 2 days after the actual birthday;

  • Medal for an award: the member has received one or more awards, typically Melvin Jones; (in the context of the participants to an event, this may be related to the guest being marked as a “VIP” or a “Special Guest” as well);

  • Medal for a Guiding Lion: the member is a Guiding Lion and is happy to help you if you have general questions about the Lions Clubs International or if you want to create a new club.

Recently Visited Member Profiles

Each time you visit a member profile, by tapping the member item in any list of the mobile application, it will be added to your list of “recently visited member profiles” and the next time you use the menu to search a member, you will see that list:

Recently visited member profiles

You may naturally tap any member in this list to quickly open the corresponding profile.

The link “Clear” (top right) lets you clear the whole list whereas swiping an item to the left will uncover a trash icon which lets you remove individual items.


The list is sorted so that the most recent profile you visited is accessible at the top of the list.

Profile Page of a Member

When you tap the name of a member in a list, it opens their personal profile page where you can learn a lot more about them:

Profile page of a member

Many parts of the profile page are actual links to further operations. For instance:

  1. Tap this icon to export the member to your personal address book.

  2. That’s a hidden shortcut! Tap the name of the club to open the profile page of the corresponding club.

  3. If you are browsing your own profile, you will see this camera icon that lets you change your background image (the party for the swiss national day on August 1st in this example). By default members get a blue background.


    We were asked how to go back to the blue background once you changed it for a custom picture: this is not possible, so if you do not like your background picture anymore, that’s easy: simply change it for a new one!

  4. Tap a phone number, an email address, a postal address, … and a logical operation will start: an email address will start a new mail to that member, a postal address will open your maps application to provide guidance, …

It is worth mentioning that tapping a phone number will not start a call right away but will show a menu with possible operations. Particularly, for mobile numbers, these are the various options:

Calling or sending a message to a member

Social Networks

You may tap the icon of a social network (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, …) to open the member’s profile page there and if you are browsing your own profile, you may manage them on your own:

Editing your social networks
  1. Everything starts from the drawer menu by tapping your name.

  2. This shows your own profile with editing capability.

  3. Tap the edit/pencil icon to access a page where you can easily define links to your various social profiles.

  4. Save and you’re done!

Skills & Interests

Skills and interests are visible in the member’s profile (click on an item to search for other members sharing the same interest):

Skills and Interests

Lions Clubs Information

Next to the LCI identifier and the date of entry in the club, you can see up to three big icons:

History, Certifications and Awards

Please note that while “History” is available for all member profiles, “Certifications” will only show up if the member has one or more certifications (e.g., Lions Guide) and “Awards” will only show up if the member one or more awards (typically a Melvin Jones).

Lions History

Tapping the History icon lets you access the Lions history of the member which shows you every club the member has been part of and the present and former functions they held:

Lions history


Tapping the Certifications icon lets you access a list of certifications passed by the member:

List of certifications for the member

In turn, if you long tap a given certification, you can then search for other members with the same certification:

Find other members with a given certification


Tapping the Awards icon lets you access a list of awards received by the member:

List of awards for the member

In turn, if you long tap a given award, you can then search for other members with the same award:

Find other members with a given award

Edit Personal Profile Data

In case you are visiting your own personal profile (see Personal Profile) and your Club LionsBase Master has enabled that option for members of your club, you will find another button/link, at the end of your profile page, which lets you edit some of your personal profile data:


For more information, please read the release notes of Version 7.3.0. This is the version which added this feature and we described there everything you need to know.

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