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To access the list of clubs, open the menu and choose “Clubs”:

Access to the clubs in the menu

This shows you the list of all clubs within your multiple district, sorted and grouped by name:

List of clubs showing genders accepted in the club

In a glance you see important information about the club:

  • its type: Lions Club: Lions Club, LEO Club Omega: LEO Club Omega or LEO Club Alpha: LEO Club Alpha;

  • which district it belongs to;

  • its Lions Club International ID;

  • whether the club is accepting only gentlemen: Club accepting only gentlemen, ladies:

    Club accepting only ladies or both: Club accepting both ladies and gentlemen.

Searching a Club

By default the list of clubs is filtered on your multiple district (“102” in our example, which is the international ID for “Switzerland/Liechtenstein”). Tap the filter icon to get access to the search field:

Filtering the list of clubs

You can type another international ID (but wait and read Looking for Foreign Clubs below, that is much easier) or complete with a district name (e.g., “102 C” to only show clubs in the district 102 Centro), or a region name (e.g., “102 C-1” for the region 1 in district 102 Centro), … you get it!

And of course, you can type the name of a club to filter the list and access it quickly!

By default, clubs are sorted alphabetically by name, but sometimes it may be interesting to sort them by charter night (thus by date of creation) instead. To do that, simply tap the corresponding button:

Sort the list of clubs

Looking for Foreign Clubs

A few other countries are using (or testing) the LionsBase mobile application. To access those clubs, the easiest way is to tap on the globe icon:

Foreign clubs

This will present you a list of available countries (well, multiple districts):

Other countries using LionsBase

Choose a country and instantly the list of clubs will be filtered accordingly.


You can then open the profile page of a foreign club just as you would for clubs within your multiple district. However, access to private information such as the list of members will be restricted. In order to be visible as a foreign member, you will have to explicitly share your profile with foreign clubs and mark the exact pieces of information you are willing to share (e.g., you share your private email address but not any phone number nor your date of birth).

Please read chapter Data Protection and Exchange for further information.

Details of a Club

When you tap the name of a club in a list 1, it opens its profile page:

Profile page of a club

Many parts of the profile page are actual links to further operations. For instance:

  1. If you are browsing your own club and you are (one of) its Club LionsBase Master, you will see this camera icon that lets you change the background image associated to your club (the Roman arenas by night in this example). By default clubs get a blue background.

  2. Tap the map icon and your maps application will open to guide you to the meeting point of this club.

  3. Tap an email address, a postal address or a meeting, … and a logical operation will start: an email address will start a new mail to the club, a postal address will open your maps application to provide guidance, …


When you browse a club profile, the most important information right after the contact information is how that club is organised. The two links “Committee” and “Members” show you the Executive board and their officers:

Committee of a club

or, when tapping “Members”:

Members of a club

As usual when see a member in a list, tap on their name to open the profile page.

The committee is grouped and sorted by importance of the function so there is no any sorting options. For the list of members however, the persons are sorted alphabetically by name (with their birthday as secondary line of information) but you may sort them by year of entry (the secondary line of information will then change to their year of entry as well), or by age.

You may long tap the name of a member to access the list of other members having held the corresponding position:

Accessing the history of a given club function

Adding a Member

Club administrators may easily add a new member to their club. How? By tapping the circled “+” icon in the toolbar:

Button to add a new member

This will show a simple wizard with the most useful information so that the new member may be enrolled as quickly as possible:

Wizard to add a new member

The new member will automatically receive a multilingual welcome message with instructions on how to install the LionsBase mobile application.


Tap on a meeting to get guidance to the club local or restaurant:



The club’s life is grouped in a section “Agenda”:

List of social activities


The link “Program” will show a list of upcoming events strictly limited to this club. If some of those events are opened to members of other clubs, then you will have the chance to register to it and the corresponding event will then be part of your personal calendar. If you want to see what’s up next for you, we advise you to always use the Calendar menu entry instead, and not this link within your own club’s profile page; this way, you are sure you really see everything that is targeted at yourself, and not only part of those events.

Social Activities

This link shows the various social activities of the club. Since there is a lot to say, this is described in a dedicated section below.

General & Sponsors

Finally, the profile page shows some general information (as usual, tap the name of the zone or the district to go to the profile page of that level, see the list of officers at this level or the clubs in that area):

General information of a club

and the list of sponsor clubs:

Sponsors of a club

Simply tap the name of a sponsor club to learn more from it!

Social Activities

Social activities are the heart of Lions Clubs. This is the reason why every member is granted access to the list of both past, ongoing and planned social activities for any club within their multiple district:

Activities of a club


The icon associated to a given activity is based on its category. For more information, please see Overview of the social activity icons.


Tap an activity to get additional information. We describe this later, when explaining how to create and update your club activities right within the LionsBase mobile application.

At the beginning you see key values for the social activities and a comparison with the previous year. When you tap the property, it will cycle through:

  • Amount of money you donated;

  • Amount of money you collected;

  • Number of persons served;

  • Number of hours per member;

  • Number of social activities.


In addition, when you tap the “More Statistics” row, we show a distribution of categories in which the club was active:

Distribution of Social Activities


The distribution is taking all social activities into account.

You may then tap a given square to show some indicators related to the corresponding category of social activities:

Indicators of Social Activities

The rings show well-known indicators for the amount of money donated, collected, … related to social activities you did in the past 5 Lions years and let you see how important they are in comparison of other categories.


We cannot stress it enough but it is important to understand that the list of social activities as well as the various figures (income, spending, number person served, …) is never shared with another multiple district (to make it clear: e.g., between Switzerland/Liechtenstein and Austria).

Some information is reported back to MyLCI as regulated by the Lions Clubs International organization.

In the websites of the clubs, LionsBase will never publish figures on its own to unauthenticated members of your multiple district. A club may however explicitly choose to make their social activity figures available to anybody. As a webmaster, you may want to read chapter Configuring the Social Activities Plugin.

Detail and Editing of Social Activities

From the list of social activities, tap an item to instantly get more information about it:

Detail of an activity

A few members are granted editing capabilities for the social activities, typically the president, the members of the social activity commission and the Club LionsBase Master. If you have this privilege, you may tap any field to update it.

It is important to understand the various buttons at the end of the form:

Editing a social activity record
  1. Button “Save” will just save the changes.

  2. Button “Publish” will be made available once reporting is done (at least one of the reporting field must be greater than zero). Once a social activity is “published”, it actually means that it switches from status “planned” to status “done” in LionsBase, meaning it will be pushed to MyLCI.

  3. Button “Delete” will obviously mark the corresponding record as deleted.

To create a new social activity, please tap the circled “+” icon top right from the list of social activities:

Creating a social activity record

You may want to read chapter Managing Social Activity Information for further information.



This works for foreign clubs as well if those clubs are using LionsBase (read more). This is typically the case when you show the profile page of a club within your multiple district and you tap the name of its twinning club is located for instance in Austria.

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