Clubs all over the world are facing challenges in building membership, especially with the younger generation, the future leaders of community service. LionsBase is simply a tool that helps dedicated people do their job more efficiently and use their valuable time more wisely by streamlining common processes, and centralizing information so that it is at the reach of every single member. LionsBase also allows to synchronize your club information with the official database of your parent organization.


Nowadays, people want to access information on-the-go, around the clock. But does your existing management solution that already? Most probably not, or certainly not as well as LionsBase Mobile.

LionsBase Mobile streamlines the access to the information and needs that really matter when not sitting behind a desktop: one's personal calendar, the directory of all members in the multi-district and the list of clubs, each with details and cross-links.

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Web Presence

In the days of communication, a Web presence is crucial for your Lions Clubs. But managing a Web site is time consuming and often requires skills. Furthermore, both the Lions Clubs and the multi-district itself needs to communicate, sharing contents and information within the Lions organization is crucial.

LionsBase gives clubs and multi-districts a streamlined and centralized view of the club's life. The information can be prepared and published at any level (club, zone, region, district and multi-district) and is automatically aggregated and made available where it belongs.

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Lions Clubs Business

Keeping every single piece of information of members within your Lions Clubs is really challenging. Phone numbers, e-mail addresses, status membership within the organization (active, distant, honouring, ...), functions in the various committees and groups. In addition, you certainly want to print a directory of members in paperback. The Lions Clubs International wants up-to-date information as well, forcing you to manually aggregate data and prepare reports.

Wait! This is exactly where LionsBase will help you. It does all of this and much more.

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LionsBase is a wonderful platform to quickly and efficiently prepare reports and statistics! You are just a few clicks away from colorful graphs and plots with the evolution of clubs and members within your districts and multi-district over the years. Prepare summaries of meeting attendance, get the list of new members in the last months, ...

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To sum it up, LionsBase offers all your members the tools to connect, communicate and collaborate. This platform is trusted by 500+ Lions Clubs already. What about your own multi-district?

Please contact us today, your Lions Clubs deserve our LionsBase platform.